Corporate Governance


AEC Securities Public Company Limited considers the principles of accountability and fairness under the rules, regulations and professional codes of conduct, as essential to its business.

The Company acknowledges the significance of corporate governance in order to demonstrate efficiency, transparency and openness to review, which will increase confidence in the Company for shareholders, investors and stakeholders. Therefore, corporate governance increases value and supports sustainable growth for the company.

The Company has appointed the Subcommittee of Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility to consider and evaluate the policies and management of the Company according to the 5 (five) categories of corporate governance as provided by the guidelines for corporate governance of listed companies determined by SET.

  1. Rights of Shareholders

    The Company respects the basic and essential rights of shareholders such as the right to receive profits of the Company through dividends, the right to attend and vote at meetings of shareholders, and the right to receive news and information of the Company. The Company has prepared information regarding meetings of the shareholders on the Company’s website before sending them to shareholders in order to allow shareholders to study all the information and materials before each meeting.

  2. Equality of Treatment

    The Company supports equality of treatment at every meeting of the shareholders, where all shareholders have the right to attend and vote at the meetings and in case the shareholder is absent, they can appoint a proxy to attend and vote on their behalf.

  3. Role of Stakeholders

    The Company considers all stakeholders in their business, such as shareholders, employees, customers, business partners, the community and society, all according to the related laws, rules and regulations.

  4. Disclosure and Transparency

    precision and transparency through easily accessible channels.

  5. Responsibilities of the Board

    The Board of Directors is comprised of directors with a variety of knowledge, experience and skills necessary for their roles in considering and approving significant policies such as the direction of the Company, management policies, internal control systems and risk management, all of which contributes to the growth of the Company.

    The Board of Directors has clearly separated the roles and responsibilities between the Board and management executives, as well as supervising the system and providing guidelines for the Company according to the law and professional ethics, all in order to increase the growth and reputation of the Company.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Board of Directors of the Company acknowledges the significance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an essential philosophy in the management of the Company. In fact, AEC Securities Public Company Limited is a part of society, community and environment that affects its surroundings and stakeholders, from customers, company image, and employees to shareholders, partners and competitors. Therefore, CSR is parallel in the operations of the Company.

In 2013, the Company undertook to implement CSR within the Company by initiating a Green Office Initiative with the following details:

  • Energy saving to reduce energy costs and environmental impact, such as turning off lights and computers during lunch breaks.
  • Paperless printing and using electronic mail for communications.
  • Assisting and supporting employees to engage in social activities by financial support and paid work leave for charity purposes.

In addition, the Board of Directors has created a Corporate and Social Responsibility Committee (Subcommittee) with the following scope:

  • Proposing policies and activities in support of social causes such as health and employee safety, human rights, equality of treatment and charities for social benefits.
  • Managing and regulating business operations to avoid inappropriate activities that can affect the image and reputation of the Company.
  • Producing reports of CSR activities and disclosing such activities in the Annual Report of the Company.